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When it comes to purchasing meat and groceries for your family, people always try to find the best quality items in affordable rates. Most people in the UK buy their meat (be it lamb, chicken and fish) from the supermarket, paying little attention to price or freshness. If you fall into this category, you may need to start purchasing all of your meat from a clean organic butcher shop. Selecting a neat butcher goes hand in hand with what’s best for your health. If you’re searching for a clean butchery, it means you’re hoping to buy quality and hygienic meats.
Let’s take the example of Everfresh Butchers, Ever-fresh Butchers is a family-owned business established in 2016 and now operating across two outlets in Milton Keynes at the CMK Open Market and Heelands Local Centre. They are the local African and Asian supermarket you have been looking for to shop clean and fresh meat, vegetables and groceries. You can find Afro-Caribbean and Asian groceries, fresh meat, frozen exotic fish and fresh vegetables in Milton Keynes.
The best thing is that, to keep the pace up with the technology and general public’s reliance on the Internet, they have now added online order facility. The customers can order fresh meat, and poultry products without having the need to step out of their homes.
Many people believe that shopping at a clean and organic butcher shop is out of their price range, nevertheless, at Everfresh Butchers, it can be just as reasonable. There are undoubtedly many benefits that Everfresh Butchers can provide you that you just won’t find at the local grocery stores. Let’s discuss the reasons to consider a neat, clean and organic butcher such as Everfresh Butchers.
The meat at local grocery stores is usually shrink wrapped, pre-packaged and just laid out for long until someone decides to buy it. However, there is simply no comparison to the fresh and robust meat you’ll find at Everfresh Butchers. They package the meat in airtight containers and always done under refrigerated conditions to make sure you get good quality meat that’s still quite fresh. When you purchase meat from a clean and organic butcher, you feel good about the meat you’re eating and feeding your family.
Everfresh Butchers are able to provide a wide range of meat. You can get customized meat shopping experience in addition to standard cuts of meat and poultry. If you’re looking to try something new, Everfresh is the place to go! You can find your standard cuts of meat along with specialty items like beef tongue, bone marrow or pork liver.

Since shopping local is becoming more and more important to consumers. Everfresh Butchers also offers a full range of vegetables and local grocery items along with the meat. Everfresh source their meat and vegetables from organic farms and facilitate local consumers with fresh and quality products.
Everfresh Butcher tends to build positive relationship with their customers. So, they offer you top notch customer service. Whether it’s a custom cut, or a special order, they will do whatever they can to make sure their meat is the best thing you’ve ever tasted.
Let’s break down the products that you can avail from Everfresh in Milton Keynes:
Fresh Meat and Poultry
Frozen Fish and Meat
Fresh Meat and Poultry:
A supermarket that provides ensured fresh meat and poultry experience with clean and quality-driven environment. You can get customized grocery shopping experience in addition to standard cuts of meat and poultry. You can get all types of meat there such as:
•Sheep & Mutton
Frozen Fish and Meat:
If you have ever searched for ‘frozen fish near me’ on Google and felt disappointed then you no longer need to worry about that disappointment ever again. Ever-Fresh Butchers has a variety of quality and health assured frozen fish and meat available in its supermarkets. They are one of the leading providers of fresh sea food with frozen facilities. Their variety of frozen foods include:
•Frozen fish
•Frozen Prawns and shrimps
•Frozen meat
•Frozen chicken
•Frozen turkey

In the supermarkets of Ever-Fresh Butcheries, not only do they keep fresh meat, frozen products, fish and vegetables, but also keep up with the material you need for your grocery shopping. They try to keep in mind that a customer does not have to visit different doors of grocery stores. To do so, they make sure that all the kitchen grocery is equipped inside the store. They have different categories of grocery items. These categories with their respective items include:
Cooking Ingredients:
Oil, palm oil, and Ghee
Palm products
Spices, seasonings, and cubes
Marinades and sauces
Dried fish and leaves
Dried beans and pulses
Coconut products
Store Cupboard:
Canned fruits
Canned meat, fish, and veg
Canned beans, and pulses
Caribbean specialty soups
Milk products and cerelac
Ahmed pickles,
Peanut Butter
Grains and flours:
Fufu and flour
Corn/cassava dough
Sweets and snacks
Sweet mixes
Snacks and nuts
Tea and hot drinks
Soft drinks

They have a corner specified for Cosmetics and Fashion related products.
You can find frozen African leaves and vegetables of every color and kind at their super markets.
They have a range of Asian and African brands that are imported from international platforms. They make sure that you are given a taste of your home, and for that they tend to go an extra mile. The available brands at Everfresh Butchers include:
Tropical Sun
Dunn's River
Nigeria Taste
Ghana Taste
Golden Tropical
Sumptuously, Everfresh Butchers try to answer all of their customers questions such as when customers search ‘fresh chicken near me’ ‘fresh meat near me’ ‘fresh beef near me’ ‘fresh lamb near me’ ‘fresh chicken near me’ ‘sheep and mutton near me’ and ‘vegetable near me’, they try their best to facilitate them in an effective way by practically placing the products of their exact needs in their supermarkets.

EverFresh Butchers

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