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Highlights of Essential Oils and their uses



Wondering about Essential Oils by Rigel Oil? Uses of essential oils? Get to know the Highlights of Rigel Herbal Essential Oils and their uses.
Keeping into account the Essential Oils and their uses for human health and body, Rigel Oil has brought to you these special oils.
What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are those oils that extricate from different plants and have an essence; odor, or flavor. Other names used for Essential Oils are ethereal oils and volatile oils. The reason behind the name of these oils is their use for scents, perfumes, flavorings, disease treatment, and aromatherapy in the medicinal industry. And this makes Essential Oils and their uses quite famous for various usage as oils. It can be either as a sort of medicine, scent, or food used for the human body.
Ordering these oils from Rigel Oil, you can also use them for your well-being and health. A vital tip to remember is that these oils are not supposed to swallow directly. Moreover, there are no side effects associate with these oils, but in some cases, they might cause skin rash and irritation as a reaction; therefore, consult a doctor before using these oils.
Extraction of Essential Oils
Typically, these oils get extracted from plants, herbs, barks, and rinds using different methods. For instance, the first method is Distillation to draw essential oils, in some cases, via steam and water. Other mechanical ways include the application of temperatures and pressures such as cold pressing. Mechanical methods retain the proficiency of the oils. However, chemical processes reduce the efficiency of the oils. That’s why Rigel Herbal meticulously keeps track of the ways with which these oils get extricated.
Some types of Essential Oils
These oils are concentrated liquids and have a broad category. All Essential Oils and their benefits are different and depend upon the aromatic compounds present in them and their origin plants. Oils, if bought through Rigel Oil, then have a hundred percent guarantee of the quality. Names of some popular Essential Oils are listed here.

Lavender Oil
Lemon Grass Oil
Lemon Oil
Rosehip Oil
Rosemary Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Ylang-Ylang Oil
Chamomile Oil
Jasmine Oil
Peppermint Oil
Essential Oils and their uses
After extracting mixtures from the plants, first mixed with carrier oils, these oils have a vast range of benefits for human health. In Essential Oils and their uses directory, the first benefit is “Aromatherapy,” which is the inhaling of these oils. Inhaling, massaging, and application of the oils on the skin and the body and reduce stress, anxiety, headaches, migraines, and insomnia, etc.
In addition to this, these oils have extensive use as antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial products.
Last but not least, in the directory of Essential Oils and their uses is that you can use Rigel Herbal Essential Oils for both ready-made and home-made cosmetics. Also, for perfumes and hand washes, etc.

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