We are recruiting people now for various jobs in our newly opened business.

09 Jan 17 08:01 pm - Jobs - Ipswich £300.00 per week
Job Type General
Job Graduate
Job Location East of England
Job Sub Location Suffolk

We are a new business that has freshly opened in the Ipswich Town Centre, This has created numerous jobs with varied roles including;
– Marketing positions
-Leaflet Distributors
-Other availabilities too
We are aiming to advertise on as many different websites as possible to gain the best candidates
working alongside us to help the business flourish and grow very quickly, Are you what were looking for?
There are very generous pay packages available with the chance to earn extra pay on top
based on results and furthermore experience i.e. promotions which are all offered internally
never outsourced.
Full Time is preferred in the positions we have although were happy to have some part
time staff too, working days will be Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm and slightly different
in some of the other roles that are available i.e. Saturdays are sometimes required too.
If you’re ready to put yourself forward into a newly growing business and it interests you
to join a team to create a new career path and build a better future for yourself then do
not hesitate or miss out and send me an E-mail with you’re name and contact number and we
will be in touch.

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  • Price:£300.00 per week

  • Price Negotiable : Yes

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