Successful family run coach company for sale in Hungary Private ad

16 Nov 16 09:11 pm - Motors - Ipswich £4,998

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Make Ford
Colour White
Car Type People Carrier
Age Up to 8 Years old
Model Transit
Fuel Type Diesel
Mileage More than 100000 miles
Steering Position Right Hand Drive
Doors 5 doors
Transmission Manual
Engine Size 2L to 2.5L

We would like to sell our family run coach businsess in Hungary.

Our company was the Hungarian Paralimpic Team Official Terrestrial Transporter Partner in the 2008-2009 years!

The company’s market value is around 35.000 – 45.000 GBP

Why we want to sell it?????

We have moved to UK…

Why you should buy it? 🙂

After Brexis shock, many British planning to leave UK and lots of already in Hungary, where foreign people have more chance earn money with English language then someone who born there.
There is already a massive population, a huge community of British, so you can find yourself in a similar feeling as you have home.
If you buy our business, you don’t have to worry about your salary too much, because you are able to take salary off in the next month, so your life is started to be easy. We have lots of British friends (e.g. my neighbours are British)who emmigrated from Uk into Hungary, the British population is growing day by day.

This company is succesfull and we are working with british partners since we established.
Our partners are located in London and they have a big manufacute, factory in Hungary where we transport workers 6 days a week with two our busses. We are working together since 2008. As they are in UK you can check us, you can claim reference, so you will see everythink is perfect.

Please contact me for full deatils! No worries there is no hidden fee or tap, I send you full description with references, and so on, so you will have full picture aboute it before you want to say yes or no.
This page is not big enough for the full description and also there are lots of informations which are not published here.

This business built up by me and my wife, and we made it for a self-automatic system!!
Our drivers working by sheldued timetables, our partner checks it and reports to us regulary so we coordinate everything.
Our invoice system electronic, so we can issue invoice from anywhere on this planet where Internet connection is available.
The drivers are driving, reporting, take buses to service, M.O.T, etc. We do not have to worry about it, because the drivers and the book keeper report every spending to us as well.

It is a real, working semi-automatic system.

As a new owner, you will have to do:
– issue invoice one a month
– pay fees, taxes, salaries via Internet Banking system (online)
– send, receipt emails

We also have some contract with local councils, so our buses are busy.
There are some pre-contract but we should have more employee and buses to serve that ones.

We have 2 FORD Tranzit minibusess.

One of them is UNIQE, modified. This is only one in the country!
It is able to carry 16 people as normal, but as it is modified, we can take off seats and it is able to take 6 wheelchairs! We took 11 earlier but, we have 6 fixing kits only at present.

Our company was the Hungarian Paralimpic Team Official Terrestrial Transporter Partner in the 2008-2009 years!

We have own webpage, which is part of the price of teh company.

Final price includs:
– 100% ownership
– all rights of incomes
– mobil phones, devices
– 2 minibuses (under leases or have to be paid off by the new owner)
– webpage, etc

Please contact me for full description.

As the buses under leasing, you, as new owner have to pass on scooring if you want to carry on with finance or, you can pay them off and it is more beneficial for you, because you can earn more from that moment:)

The company has business an other fields, we have contracts on the data protection fields as well, so there is more income.

Please note, the description above is a short form, we have lots of other information for you, BUT there is no hidden fees or tap, so you should not to worry.

Of course all of the selling procedure will guaranted, because layers and interpreters will help!

The company will be sell with full controll of lawyers, so end of the day you will be in safe and me will be in safe position. Everything will be monitored, riported, all necessary (monthly) taxes will be paid before you take the company so the company will be clear (not including leases, we have to discuss about it personally).

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We also have HQ building (market value around 100.000 GBP) for sale, but it is not part of the company’s selling price. If you are interested, please ask for more information.

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