Online Luxury Sales- High Commision Rates and a big opportunity to make lots of money

04 Jan 17 09:01 pm - Jobs - Central London £500.00 Pw

Job Type Sales
Job Graduate
Job Location London (Greater)
Job Sub Location South London

If you want to earn extra cash even if you have a full time job or part time or even looking for a position then we have an amazing opportunity for you.

Who we are

Global Gifts is an online giftware business that sell the most unique world class gift products in the world. All our products are handmade from different countries across the world and we sell them in the United Kingdom.

Our goal is to revolutionise the giftware industry with new exciting and innovative products which are high quality and unique.

All of our products are perfect for any occasion whether it is for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or even a special treat to yourself.

Job Post

We are looking for an online sales person to sell our products online anywhere whether it is on social media or on classified ads online. You do need to be an experienced sales person, you could be a beginner or an expert. The main aspect of you is that you must be hard working and money hungry.

We are looking for individuals who are motivated, hard working, passionate about succeeding, ambitious, money hungry and wanting to go the extra mile for that extra cash.
This position is a commission based role which is better than a pay per hour because with every sale you pocket more than pay per hour if you can sell well. The current market for commission for gift is 10% but we are offering you 20%. Which means for every product you sell at the checkout, 20% of it is yours.

The position is a perfect opportunity to earn more money in 2017, even if you have a full time or part job or even looking for a job. This position is excellent because you can work at your own pace in your own leisure time, however the obvious fact will still remain if you sell more then you have more coming into your bank account simple fact. You sell big you could make more than what any company would ever pay you on a contract.

If you are interested then apply today whether you are experienced or just want to try out. There is no commitment.

Good Luck

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