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Car Type
Fuel Type
Steering Position
Engine Size

Engine & Vehicle Types
H20 Power’s Engine Rejuvenator is suitable for Petrol, Diesel & LPG engines; it is also suitable for self standing generators that use an internal combustion engine. Engine Rejuvenator models ER-J EC160 & ER-J EC275 are also highly mobile and are ideal for customer site visits, they cover most types of vehicles & engines, from small engines to medium sized commercial vehicles & stand-alone engines. The list includes:
• Motor Bikes
• Car & 4 x 4s
• Vans & Mini Buses
• Small Trucks
• Stand Alone Generators
• Boat & Marine Engines
Designed & Manufactured in the EU, CE Certified & Fully EU Compliant, our innovative engine carbon cleaner, The Engine Rejuvenator uses the latest in hydrogen Gas technology to remove the carbon build-up from INSIDE the engine
Technical Data
• Voltage DC (V): 12 / 24v
• Power Consumption (kW / h): 0.63
• HHO Gas Output Max: 280-400L / Hour
• Max. Pressure (kg / cm2): 1.2
• Max. Water Consumption (L / h): 0.20
• Water Refill: Manual
• Water Tank Capacity: 18.0 Litres
• Maximum Operation Time: 90 Hours
• Dimensions: (mm): 600 x 500 x 300 mm
• Weight: 40 KG
• Control: Automatic ON / OFF (as long the engine runs)
• Warranty: 24 Months
• Highly Mobile Ideal for Customer Site Visits
Cleaning times
• Up To 4 Litre Engines: 1 Hour
• Up To 8 Litre Engines: 2 Hours
• Up To 12 Litre Engines: 3 Hours

Carbon Cleaning Price Structure
Below is an estimated pricing structure, based on engine and vehicle sizes and potential demand. This data is derived from the current market analysis and is a recommended benchmark price structure for carbon cleaning from European Motor Parts Ltd.
• Motor Bikes & Small Engines £55.00
• Cars & 4 x 4s £80.00
• Small Trucks & Buses £130.00
• Medium Sized Trucks & Buses £165.00
• Large Commercial Engine Generators £200.00
• Large Commercial Vehicles (Including Boats) £200.00
• Helicopters & Aircraft £325.00+
• Military Vehicles (depending on engine size) £225.00+
Internal Engine Carbon Cleaner: Overview of Benefits
• A Full Carbon Detox for the Engine
• Removes Carbon Deposits From within The Engine
• Removes Carbon Deposits From Other Parts & Components
• Restores Power & Performance Of The Engine
• Helps Lower The Emissions
• Measured Fuel Efficiency
• Helps Avoid Costly Repair Bills & Headaches
• Saves Money & the Environment Together!
• From DIY Systems to Professional Systems
• Comes with a Full 24 Month Warranty
• Produced & Manufactured in the EU
• CE Certified & Fully EU Compliant
Deep Cleaning of Engine & Components
The H20 Power’s Engine Rejuvenator Carbon Cleaners help target & remove harmful carbon build-up that deposit inside the engine over time. Carbon Cleaning is the ultimate Detox. The benefits are immediate, noticeable & long lasting:
• More Responsive engine
• Lower Emissions emitted
• Fuel Savings
• Smoother Performance
• Restored Power
• Less Vibrations
• Restored Torque
Our carbon cleaners target critical parts & components of the engine, but also target additional vital components that are part of the vehicle which also have carbon built up over time. These components are often very expensive to replace. They include:
• Pistons
• Injectors & Sparks
• The EGR Valve
• The Turbo
• The Exhaust Manifold
• The Catalytic Converters
• The Oxygen Sensors
The process is simple, yet can save hundreds of pounds in repair bills and it benefits the environment at the same time.
How Does The Engine Rejuvenator Work?
The system works by using ordinary tap water to create hydrogen & oxygen which then pass through the air intake of the engine and out through the exhaust system as a gas, helping to remove the excess carbon (that builds up over time), from the internal components of the engine (as well as external components such as C.A.T converters, manifold turbo), which means less failure of parts and fewer repair bills over time. The process requires no dismantling of engine parts.
Here’s how it works:
• The Carbon Cleaner is connected to the engine’s air intake pipe
• A small amount of hydrogen is carefully injected whilst the engine is running
• The entire inlet system, cylinder head and exhaust manifold benefit without any interference or damage to the engine
• The Carbon Cleaner is safely disconnected
• The process takes about 60-120 minutes (on average) to complete
The Engine Rejuvenator is easy to operate and comes with detailed instructions on use and safety.
Water is the main ingredient used and there’s no use of any harmful chemicals in the cleaning process. The process is simple, quick, safe and it’s totally green.
Carbon Cleaning is an efficient way to keep the engine running at the highest possible efficiency, resulting in the following:
• Restores Power & Performance of the Engine
• Helps Lower the Emissions
• Measured Fuel Efficiency
• Helps Avoid Costly Repair Bills & Headaches!
• Saves Money & the Environment Together!

Get Involved In A New, Long Term Market And Make A Ton of MONEY Removing A Ton Of Carbon!

It doesn’t matter if you have an experience or not in carbon cleaning, as long as you have basic knowledge of car mechanics, you can make the money you want, when you want, we can help you to develop you online presence and you can go out and make the money! Here’s a plan:

-Set Up A Business, Either Sole Trader Or Limited Company
-Set up a website, if not sure, ask, we can help! We can provide data and technical help.
-Print some flyers off, if you don’t have anything in mind, don’t worry! We got everything you need, we just add your details to our flyers and any other documents and away you go!
-Advertise in your local area, Facebook, eBay, gumtree, Craig’s list, Loot and many free classified online sites, we have a list of them all!!
-Organised a leaflet drop (and even a visit) to all the business in your area offering to carbon clean their vehicles and their customer vehicles, offer them around £10-£15 per carbon clean and watch the money roll in!

Before you know it, you’ll be contacting us for another unit because business has grown and we’ll be more than happy to give you a ‘customer loyalty discount’ on any future sale!
We want this industry to grow and we aim to work with all our customers on a continuous basis!
So, are you ready to make money? Reach out to us and let the show begin!

Opportunities in a Fledgling Market
The UK recently signed the Paris Climate Agreement, a legally binding agreement that requires verifiable reductions in GHG (Green House Gases) & carbon emissions by specific dates agreed upon. The implications for missing these targets would be enormous, costly and could impact the UK economy in several negative ways. The Paris Climate Agreement states that the UK must reduce its carbon emissions & Green House Gases (GHG) measurability by 2050 or face penalties & fines on a continuous base.
As of 2016, there are over 31 million cars on the roads in the UK; this figure does not include 2-wheel motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, marine vehicles, aircraft & helicopters and self standing engines such as generators & air compressors.
As a UK company & leader of HHO Gas Technologies in the UK, we aim to bring to the market’s attention innovative products that provide for sustainable business opportunities to the UK vehicle industry, and at the same time, help the environment by way of reductions in GHGs.
We are keen to encourage the development of the ‘Engine Detox Market’ (EDM) within the UK. The market is deep & wide and the necessary infrastructure is already in place for this market to develop rapidly.
The benefits to motorists, the environment and businesses is unmeasured at present, but we are convinced that if all vehicles regularly had a Carbon Clean Detox carried out, the impact on financial savings & the environment would be measurable in a positive way. It would also be economically beneficial to the UK vehicle industry & the wider economy.
The market price to remove carbon build-up from an engine of a standard car (via HHO Gas Carbon Cleaning) is £80.00. The process takes about 30-60 minutes to complete. We believe it is a viable business opportunity for garages, MOT centres, service centres, mobile cleaning services, boat yards, airport services and engineering firms etc.

It is our firm understanding and belief that the UK government would encourage the growth of HHO Gas technology within the UK so there is a strong possibility for long term sustained growth in the Engine Detox Market.
We aim to provide further information on the benefits & business opportunities that await the UK vehicle industry.

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